What do we offer

  • Are you a company that doesn’t want or need to hire an in-house lawyer, but occasionally find you need the flexibility for sound legal advice, contracts to be reviewed, or need to make sure you are compliant with current local legislation?
  • Are you planning to expand your business to other territories, or continents, but you do not have the legal, regulatory, or corporate bandwidth you require?
  • Are you expanding your business to Europe, but you are not (yet) planning to hire an EMEA in-house lawyer?
  • Is your current legal team not staffed for a complex project, and you need to hire a consultant with experience?

If any of the above scenarios describe your current business situation, then you’ve come to the right place. Helping our clients when they need us is our specialty.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Commercial, corporate, compliance and regulatory legal work.
  • From simple secrecy agreements to very complex collaboration or licensing agreements
  • From the moment you plan to set up your company, we’ll be there with (strategic) advice, including dealing with the notary, and through every step of the life of that company until the company is sold or the winding-up of the company.
  • GDPR compliance, Nagoya protocol, trade sanctions, export laws, all compliance in the life-science field.
  • In-company personalized training for the above.

With 20+ years of international experience Kathleen would add value as a non-executive director to your BOD.